042 - Summer Extravaganza

042 - Summer Extravaganza

Join us in episode 42 for our SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA. This week we are joined by Cameron Wilkins, who works with NextGen for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. We discuss the impact of summer events on youth ministry and the importance of volunteers. We also share tips for volunteers about how to stay connected to teenagers throughout the summer and how to respond to a student who makes a spiritual decision at a summer event.

  • Summer events, such as camps, mission trips, and vacation Bible school, have a significant impact on the spiritual lives of teenagers.
  • Volunteers play a crucial role in making summer events successful and meaningful.
  • Building relationships and creating a sense of community are key aspects of summer events.
  • The church can provide a unique and powerful experience that goes beyond what secular organizations can offer.
  • Investing time and effort in summer events can lead to lifelong memories and lasting spiritual growth. Volunteers have a long-lasting impact on youth ministry and should show up consistently to build relationships with students.
  • Even if volunteers can't attend summer camps or mission trips, they can still make a difference by finding creative ways to be present and engage with students.
  • Volunteers should offer support, mentorship, and encouragement to students who make spiritual decisions during these experiences.
  • It is important for volunteers to help students find resources for studying the Bible and remind them of their identity in Christ.
  • Volunteers should stay connected and continue to invest in the lives of teenagers, even when they can't be physically present.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:07 Overview of Summer Events
05:14 The Impact of Move Conference
09:11 Personal Stories of Summer Camp
12:10 The Importance of VBS
14:00 Building Relationships and Community
16:30 Finding Creative Ways to Engage with Students

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042 - Summer Extravaganza
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