039 | Ministering to Teenagers who Don't Have Parents Involved in Your Church

Join Chris Trent, Jennifer Fletcher, and Tim Kilgore in episode 39 as they discuss ministering to teenagers disconnected from church-involved parents. Discover the importance of patience, grace, and mindful communication in reaching out to these youth. Learn how to navigate relationships with both teens and their non-church parents with respect and compassion. Gain valuable tips on pointing these teenagers towards Jesus and fostering connections with their families. Stay tuned for a heartfelt reminder to keep these families in your prayers as they journey together in faith.

Be patient and show grace to teenagers who may not be familiar with church culture.
Be mindful of the language used when communicating with both teenagers and their parents.
Respect non-church parents and understand that they love their children.
Point teenagers to Jesus and minister to the whole family.
Get to know the parents and seek opportunities to connect with them.
Pray for the teenagers and their parents.

00:00 Introduction
02:02 Ministering to teenagers without involved parents
04:37 Chapter 1: Remember they likely don't know church culture
06:46 Chapter 2: Be careful with the language you use
09:26 Chapter 3: Non-church parents are not the enemy
10:34 Chapter 4: Point them to Jesus
12:35 Chapter 5: Get to know the parents
14:11 Bonus: Pray for the kids and their parents
16:04 Conclusion

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039 | Ministering to Teenagers who Don't Have Parents Involved in Your Church
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