017 - How to Talk One on One About Difficult and Sensitive Topics

Episode 17 | Join us as we discuss How to Talk One on One About Difficult and Sensitive Topics. In this episode we discuss appropriate ways to discuss confidentiality, mandatory reporting, and when to bring others into the conversation.

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Discussion Questions:
As a reminder, our 5 things to remember when talking one on on about difficult and sensitive topics:

1. Never promise confidentiality 
2. Be mindful of mandatory reporting
3. When approached with an issue, consider bringing someone into the conversation on the spot
4. It is your job to take them serious
5. Be mindful on the when and where conversations happen

What is most challenging when it comes to discussing sensitive conversations with students?
Do you think today’s teenagers are facing more challenging issues that ever before?
What are the best ways to encourage students who are going through loneliness, stress, or anxiety?
What is your church’s policy on what to do if a teenager says they are being harmed or are thinking about self harm?

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017 - How to Talk One on One About Difficult and Sensitive Topics
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