015 - How to Get That Kid That Never Talks to Speak Up

Episode 15 | Join us as we talk about How to Get That Kid That Never Talks to Speak Up. In this episode we talk through ideas on how to create a culture in your small group that allow all students to speak up and encourages even introverted or unengaged students to add to the conversation. 

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Discussion Questions:
As a reminder, our 6 Ideas on how to How to get that kid that talks too much to be quiet

1.  Remember the goal is not to change an introvert into an extrovert, but create an environment where they will speak up
2. Talk with the parents… not to get the kid in trouble, but to gain insight 
3. Talk to the kid who is quiet “one on one” first. Relationship
4. When asking a question, don’t be afraid of silence.
5. Take advantage of teaching methods: 1. Hand out a sheet of paper and get everyone to answer 2. give them multiple choice questions and ask them to unpack that 3. talk with a partner OR Some questions should be easy, anyone can answer, questions
After listening to this episode, would you say your group is pretty good at handling these situations or do you need some improvement?

Of the 6 ideas, what is one you think you could implement pretty easily?
How do you typically handle getting a kid to speak up and feel comfortable in your group?
Are there other things you’ve done that you’ve found helpful in getting students to speak up?
What stood out most from this episode?
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015 - How to Get That Kid That Never Talks to Speak Up
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